What does the contents of my purse say about me?

While driving somewhere this week (either to training or home from it), I heard the DJs on KLOVE mention a new documentary entitled ‘The Contents of Her Purse.’  Apparently, the contents of a woman’s purse says something about her.  What, I don’t know, since I haven’t seen the documentary.

So, the DJ’s asked for women to comment on their blog answering ‘What does your handbag say about you?’.   It got me thinking.  I haven’t done much but stuff things in my purse for many moons, so I took everything out of my purse this afternoon:


My Mossy Mess
My Mossy Mess


So, briefly from top left to lower right:  my purse, my pick, my bifocals (in the case), my reading glass (also in a case), my wallet, my chapstick, my lipstick, my microfiber glass cleaning cloth in plastic slipcover, my brush, my ibuprofen, my mortgage payment booklet, my spare auto insurance card, a fine line permanent marker, a pen, two tissue wrapped coins from my father, a couple of hairclips, an old used up set of check duplicates, my water bill, my library cards (for Lansing, KCMO and Johnson County), my gum, salt/pepper packets, my keys, my St. Louis office security card, an old prayer request from this past March, an old bus pass receipt and a flyer that came with my new Price Chopper Shopper card.

I didn’t take everything out of my wallet, which is crammed full of old receipts, various plastic cards (debit, credit, shopper, membership, etc.) and checkbook and pen.

I’m not sure what this stuff says about me besides that I like to read (three library cards and two pairs of glasses).  Any thoughts?