I Can See Clearly Now … Or Not

The commute home provided false hopes for my star gazing this evening.  While light hazy stratus clouds filtered the sunlight sporadically, the skies looked promising as I traveled northward on K-7.

I stepped outside a few minutes ago to catch the moon before it set, but saw only gray clouds underlit with orange glow from the well lit Lansing Correctional Facility a few blocks north of my house.  I stepped out the front door and could still see Jupiter, but only for a few minutes as the clouds overtook even that bright object.  I spied no sliver of moon in the southwest or west.

Besides trying to locate Comet Hartley 2 (again), Earthsky earlier today mentioned Antares proximity to the moon.

Perhaps tomorrow evening will provide better weather and opportunities for gazing up and out and back in time.

9:00 pm update:  Let Apollo back in (I’d forgotten I’d let him out) and noticed a crystal clear sky.  However, Cassiopeia is dim as it hovers over the LCF.  If I can’t sleep or wake up early I’ll try for the comet then.

Life Events for Artistic Offspring

Derek Moss
Derek Moss, Environmental Artist

This December, my son, Derek Moss,  will do what I never did myself (nor that I thought he would do for high school, let alone college).  He will graduate from SMU’s Guildhall!

This last term he is focused on expanding and publishing his portfolio and pursuing career opportunities in the gaming industry.  He recently published his portfolio and resume online here:  Derek Moss, Environmental Artist

I’m excited, thrilled, overwhelmed, anxious … all the things a mother is when her fledgling soars on eagle’s wings.