First Attempt at Amateur Astronomical Telescopic Digital Photography

Waxing Moon
Moon Early Evening 13 Oct 2010

My first photographic effort using the Meade ETX90 and the Pentax K100D (on a two second delay shutter in an attempt to prevent blurring and shaking of the telescope) is above.  I chose the moon, because it’s large, bright and easy to focus and doesn’t necessarily need to be tracked.  I did not use the Autostar to track and sync the moon while taking both of these photos.

Waxing Moon (1/4 to 1/3 full)
Early Evening 13 Oct 2010 Moon (better focused)

I like the second moon photo (above) the best of the half dozen or so shots I took.

Jupiter Early Evening 13 October 2010

My efforts attempting to focus and track Jupiter did not bear good fruit.  Of the handful of photos I took, the one above is the best of the bunch.

That’s all the photographic practice I’ll get this evening.  I need to devise a counterweight for the telescope’s tube so the camera doesn’t pull ‘up’ the altitude.