Second 2011 Crochet Project: Mossy Moebius Scarf for Myself

I’ve made several moebius scarves for myself over the last decade, but it’s been a couple of years since I crocheted a new one for myself.  I’m ‘winging’ it as far as the pattern goes, and using my favorite scarf stitch, called, ironically, the moss stitch.  I may refer back to the original pattern I stumbled upon years ago as a reference.

I’m using a six ounce skein of Caron Simply Soft Country Blue and another one of Grey Heather.  I chained 225 using the Country Blue and will alternate every other row with the Grey Heather.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t take me very long to get through this project.  I’d rather be reading, than crocheting, but I also want a nice, warm, soft scarf to keep my ears warm during this brutal cold spell.