Last Time to Dial a Stargate in Just A Few Hours

SGU: Gauntlet airing Mon 10 May 2011 8pm CentralThe final episode of Stargate Universe airs this evening (8 p.m. Central on SyFy).  The end of an era in science fiction television sputters to its prematurely canceled end in the episode ‘Gauntlet.’

Don’t miss this important final installment not just of this series, but of modern-day Stargate as we know it. We believe with great certainty that the franchise will be back down the road. But for now, this is the final hour for Stargate fans to enjoy.

Darren Sumner, founder of Gateworld, (writing in his final weekly ‘heads up’ article “Tonight on SGU Gauntlet“)

I am dreading this evening.  The moment I watch the episode, all hope ends for any new Stargate material, at least in the foreseeable future.  Perhaps I should pickup a bottle of wine on the way home to sooth my anticipated raw nerves?

Darren penned another op-ed piece today (Wed 11 May 2011) at Gateworld you might be interested in reading.  Here’s a snippet from that article:

… what is clear from the swell of support that last week’s editorial received is that Syfy has an image problem on its hands.  The network has succeeded in broadening its appeal through rebranding, airing wrestling, and developing scripted dramas that are more accessible to casual viewers than traditional science fiction fare — whimsical procedurals rather than, for example, the arc-based “space opera.”  But that change of image comes at a cost.

GateWorld throws down gauntlet, Syfy Channel responds

Doctor Who: The Curse of the Black Spot

Doctor Who: Curse of the Black Spot

“Yo ho ho! or does nobody actually say that?”  — the Doctor (soon to be one of my favorite quotes).

Plot summary at Wikipedia (yes, I’m being lazy again but I have an excuse … it’s Mother’s Day).

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and would give it four stars, possibly more, especially for the dramatic scene between Amy and Rory towards the end and for the pirates!  Who doesn’t love a romping swashbuckling tale of the high seas, pirates and sea monsters?

And was I the only one who noticed that the newly inaugurated space pirates first visited the Dog Star aka Sirius?

I think I still prefer Robert Picardo over a supermodel with his signature ‘Please state the nature of the medical emergency.’  But that’s just me.

Next week we might meet the Doctor’s wife or possibly another time lord.  Either way, I’m excited and ecstatic to have exceptional science fiction to look forward to each and every Saturday night.  Hip Hip Hurray for BBC America!