A Fool Walks a Dog

Apollo doesn't read well but I can
Apollo doesn't read well but I can

That fool would be me and the dog would be Apollo (shown at left).  My back did not need to be walked (or pulled by a 90+ pound Rottweiler), but Apollo desperately needed the exercise.  I woke up stiff and still sore, but not as bad as yesterday, during which I spent most of the afternoon and evening either in a recliner or in bed.  I am eternally grateful to Terry for multiple applications of Icy Hot to the affected lower back area, which seems to have helped relieve the pain a bit. Once I’d had a few minutes (well, let’s be honest, more like two hours) to wake up, stretch and compose two blog posts, I had just settled down to continue reading an ebook on my Nook Color, when Apollo looked at me expectantly.  I sighed, slipped on my jeans, tied on my walking shoes, slipped on my sunglasses, grabbed my cell phone and his leash and we headed out the door.


I decided to make this walk very short (especially compared to last Sunday’s hour and a quarter walk).  I thought a tour of the local flora, especially the lilac bushes, would be perfect for a pleasant Sunday morning stroll.  We walked in a slow loop from Olive, north along First Street, east along Nina Street, back south along Second Street, back west on Olive to First Terrace.  Along the way we saw more lilace bushes, lots of tulips in a rainbow of different colors, some phlox and several flowering trees, including red buds and apple trees.

Click photo for entire album
Click photo for entire album

Apollo only caused my back grief once. As we approached First Street Terrace eastbound on Nina Street, a guy was walking a Spitz or Husky, slightly smaller in size than Apollo. Naturally, Apollo wanted to meet this new canine friend, but my back just couldn’t deal with the added stress of restraining all of Apollo’s determined energy. I forced him to sit and held his collar with my right hand while keeping a firm grip on the shortened leash in my left. He whined for a couple of minutes, as did the other dog, while they continued moving westbound on Nina. Apollo behaved better than he did last Sunday, but still needs some work on his obedience training.

We made it back home in about a half an hour.  Apollo got his exercise.  I got to see some spring flowers.  For the rest of the day, this April fool is doing nothing but reading.

Final Sunrise of a Lambish March

March went out softly, like a fluffy puffy lamb yesterday.  I took a series of photographs from my front step landing via the tripod.  Except for the first couple of photos and the last three (which aren’t of the sunrise at all), I didn’t change the position of the camera for probably a half an hour.

Saturday Sunrise
Saturday Sunrise (31 Mar 2012)

Click here to view the entire album.

I set the AWB to the Cloudy setting, remembered to turn the AutoFocus back on and took a couple of initial photos to get oriented.

This sunrise didn’t evolve into anything stunning or spectacular.  Still, not the worst sunrise I’ve ever photographed.

I sat on the front steps, reading the last few pages of Wild Swans, a book I started in early to mid March and the final book I had chosen to read for “Destination: Anywhere” – the Kansas City Public Library‘s Adult Winter Reading program for 2012.  I would read a few paragraphs or a page, and then get up and snap a photo.  The morning atmosphere soothed and calmed me, relaxing me so much while I read, that I nearly forgot about the sunrise.

Once I realized the clouds and sun were not going to do anything amazing, I took a few photos of my neighbors’ flowering trees.  I returned the camera and tripod inside and finished the book just a few minutes later.

March may have left like a lamb, but Mars still hangs in the sky at night smack dab in the middle of Leo, the Lion. I’m looking forward to more planetary observing in April.

Movie Review: Larry Crowne (2011)

Larry Crowne (2011)

3 out of 5 stars

Terry and I watched this early Saturday evening.  A pleasant if unexciting way to spend a couple of hours together.  We laughed out loud several times, so the comedy portion of this romantic comedy worked well.  The romance, however, never really sparkled.

Julia’s performance seemed a bit off, until near the end, and even then left me indifferent.  Tom does well no matter what character he plays.  George Takei just came across as creepy for the most part, but I believe that was the intent.