Article: How Working Remotely Changed My Life (and Can Change Yours, Too)

How Working Remotely Changed My Life (and Can Change Yours, Too)

If only … snowball’s chance in … well you know where.

The single most dangerous activity I do every workday is commute.  I’d live longer if I could eliminate that 2 hr 20 min black hole in my daily routine.

Product Review: Chromecast (4 stars)

Product:  Chromecast (link to Wikipedia article)

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4 out of 5 stars

Purchased in Oct 2013

I have an older plasma HD television (Panasonic 51″) that was highly rated by Consumer Reports at the time I purchased it (early 2008).  However, it was not a ‘smart’ TV and didn’t come with WiFi.  My AV Receiver is also showing its age (a Denon AVR 1508).  My biggest hangup with the Denon is the lack of HDMI inputs (only two) and the fact that it doesn’t repeat the audio signal supplied via the HDMI cable.  Next year I plan on upgrading to a better AV receiver with more inputs and functionality.

I am also a DirecTV subscriber, and have been for nearly as long as I’ve owned my plasma.  But I find myself watching less and less shows and channels provided by the hefty subscription cost (over $100 per month).  Too much crap and not enough quality.   I am also a Netflix subscriber (both DVD and streaming).  I decided a couple of weeks ago that I’d had enough and decided to risk some pocket change (less than $40) and purchase the Chromecast.

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