Decorations Making Me Cringe

My building continues its tradition of untraditional completely politically correct unholiday decorations.¬† I came back from a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday vacation to this … whatever you might call it … ‘greeting’ me at the elevators:

unholiday traditionI’ll have to see this ‘festive’ accretion for at least another thirty days.

My consolation though is my twice daily ‘fix’ of proper Christmas decorations when I drop off riders at Crown Center, headquarters of Hallmark.

Hallmark headquarters lobby

To see what my building accosted us with last year, follow this link.

Devoted GM fan gets the ride of a lifetime at Fairfax plant –

84 years young. Why do I get teary-eyed over these types of articles?  Read all the way to the last sentence and then maybe you’ll understand.

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