Recipe Review: Caramel Corn a Keeper

caramel popcorn (home-made)The only thing I would suggest when you try this Caramel Corn recipe for yourself, is that you have a second set of hands to help.  It was all I could do to juggle a very hot saucepan of caramel and stir the popcorn in the bowl at the same time.

Terry, who spurred me on to making this recipe a few days ago, swears it’s the best caramel corn he’s ever had.  I can’t wait to try again, with him standing by to help stir the popcorn as I pour the hot caramel.

Very easy to make and quite tasty.

An Angel Appeared

Yes, an angel appeared in our front yard.


Thanks to a great sale at our local K-Mart, we snagged the angel at half-price, along with some LED net lighting which we will install later this week over our bushes.

Sadly, it got up to nearly 60 degrees here in Kansas today, so the snow we had this past weekend melted completely.  At least I managed to burn most of the wood that had been languishing in our wood pile during our extreme cold spell last week.

second snowNo snow forecast for the next ten days, outside of some freezing rain/drizzle this weekend.  Our Christmas forecast does not look like a white one.