A Deer in the Headlights

It’s not bad enough that my Texas trip was cancelled at the last minute.  Or that I haven’t seen the sun since before Thanksgiving and that Kansas City is experiencing it’s fifth consecutive day of rain and drizzle (more rain today as it’s slightly above freezing).  Or that I gave up my day off to voluntarily drive the vanpool to work because I believed both my back drivers had requested this Monday after Thanksgiving off.  Surprise!  Both of them rode in the van this morning.

Nope, it couldn’t possibly get any worse, right?  Until I remembered as I got off the parking garage elevator and walked to the building elevators and saw this:


Yep, nothing could be worse than this building’s continuing crusade to suck all  life, hope and happiness out of holiday decorations.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the past few years worth of festive features:

2014 Unholiday Decorations 2014
2013 Unholiday Decorations 2013
2012 unHoliday Decorations 2012
2011 unHoliday Decorations 2011
2010 unHoliday Decorations 2010

Tomorrow, when the sun is supposed to return, I will share the much more inspiring and traditional decorations hosted annually by none other than Hallmark’s very own Crown Center, home to the Mayor’s Christmas Tree.

May your building’s decorations be more cheerful and merry.

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