More Memes Than You Can Shake a Hobbit At

Our Smial Hangout is a great place discuss Tolkien, his books, etc. but we also have discussions about board games, trivia and, of course, share the latest and quite often Hobbit-hilarious meme. For example, today we ‘fell back’ and Merry and Pippin had this to say about it:

Other memes shared in October in no particular order:

Some of the comments are fun on this one.

“Through the Mines of Missouria”

“They’re taking the hobbits to Indianapolis!”

“GondOrlando calls for aid!”

“And Rohalabama will answer!”

The last one, while not strictly a meme, had several interesting comments (see caption above) associated with it and sparked a round of creativity on the Hangout chat.

I hope you enjoyed the trip down a ridiculous hobbit hole with us.