Movie Review: Gravity (5 Stars)


5 out of 5 stars

Watched in theater (October 2013) and at home (March 2014)

This was a great birthday gift last October.  My husband and I saw this movie in theaters last fall.  Absolutely amazing.

Yesterday, we invited my father over for a lazy Sunday afternoon of grilled burgers (yes, we grilled outside in March because it was sunny and in the 60s) and a movie.  He brought home-made carrot cake and Sweeney Todd, but because Terry and I had just seen our daughter perform Mrs. Lovett live a couple of weeks ago in a UNT College of Music production, we passed on watching Johny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter.  I had two BluRays from Netflix: Parkland and Riddick, but I asked my dad if he’d seen Gravity yet.  He had not, so I decided to buy it via Google Play Movies (the HD edition was only $20).

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