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AKA calling a spade a spade.

This is almost the complete opposite of what Scalzi posted earlier today on his blog Whatever.

I’m on the fence. I don’t like intentionally harming anyone, including their feelings.

But when a religion or political entity fails the basic human rights test, what is our duty as members of said hunan race to heal that wound? Is it more bandages? Or surgery?

These questions keep me up at night. And we seem to be returning to the Cold War (the Sequel) and the threat of M.A.D. I had hoped my unborn grandchildren would not have to grow up under that doomsday cloud.

And on that depressing note, I’ll bid you ado.

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Looking Like Christmas in Kansas City

You can always count on Hallmark and Crown Center to pull out all the stops at Christmas time.  I drive through the heart of Crown Center twice a day during my commute.  The December mornings are especially pretty in the pre-dawn darkness:
Mayor’s Christmas Tree at Crown Center (Dec 2014)

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unHappy unHolidays

I walked into my building’s lobby yesterday morning, returning from more than a week of vacation in Texas, completely oblivious to the unHoliday decorations sprouting around me.  That is until I stood idly waiting for an elevator to arrive to whisk me vertically to my floor and found this assaulting my eyes:

unHoliday Decorations 2012

I must admit, compared to last year’s lobby largesse, this year’s decorations are a slight improvement, but seem to be a return to the first year (being 2010) metal montage. Then the building launched it’s crusade to snuff out any resemblance to traditional Christmas heraldry.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the last three years worth of unholiday spirit on display in the building lobby:

unHoliday Decorations 2010
unHoliday Decorations 2010
unHoliday Decorations 2012
unHoliday Decorations 2012
unHoliday Decorations 2011
unHoliday Decorations 2011

All I can say is at least this year’s metallic monstrosity matches the color scheme near the garage access elevators:

unHoliday Decorations 2012

Thank goodness for my two daily stops at Hallmark, where I can bask in the warmth of a more traditional Christmas spirit on display, spreading Peace, Love and Joy indiscriminately.

Return of the unHolidays

unHoliday Decorations II
I returned to work today after a long Thanksgiving break.  As I approached the elevators, I became concerned that a new form of fungus had usurped our sedate lobby ferns.   Then I remembered.  The building must have hired the same interior designer from last year’s decorations.  I am tempted to scrounge through my Christmas decorations at home and bring in the largest brightest red and green balls to hang clandestinely among the bleak colorless concoction displayed above.
I’m getting depressed just looking at this picture.  Ugh.

unHoliday Decorations

I returned to work this morning to this lovely creation in the elevator lobby.  Is it just me, or does this creations seem to celebrate autumn, rather than a traditional holiday occurring within a few days of the winter solstice?

Happy unHolidays?!?!

November 30, 2010