Sunday Epiphanies

On any given Sunday, you’ll find me awake before sunrise.  Old, very old, habits die-hard.  I embrace being a morning person.  Only causes an issue when I want to toast in the new year since I generally turn into a pumpkin around nine o’clock.  Today was no different from any other weekend.

Yesterday was Twelfth Night, the official end to the Christmas season.  When Dickens was a youth, Twelfth Night was ‘THE’ biggest day of the winter holiday in England.  Between his Christmas Carol and Prince Albert’s importation of German Christmas traditions (namely the Christmas tree), Twelfth Night began to fade out of fashion during Dickens and Queen Victoria’s lifetimes.

I did not stay up late celebrating or hosting a Twelfth Night party.  I had servers to upgrade and test bright and early on January 6th, also known as Epiphany.

I woke up before my alarm (I almost always do this; my alarm only woke me up once in the last six months) and got logged in and ready to upgrade a server.  It went much smoother than the last time I tried, right before Christmas, and I was done within 20 minutes (leaving an hour forty minutes of my maintenance window unused).  Server patch testing took another fifteen minutes so I was done ‘working’ before seven o’clock, still before sunrise.

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Recipe Review: Caramel Corn a Keeper

caramel popcorn (home-made)The only thing I would suggest when you try this Caramel Corn recipe for yourself, is that you have a second set of hands to help.  It was all I could do to juggle a very hot saucepan of caramel and stir the popcorn in the bowl at the same time.

Terry, who spurred me on to making this recipe a few days ago, swears it’s the best caramel corn he’s ever had.  I can’t wait to try again, with him standing by to help stir the popcorn as I pour the hot caramel.

Very easy to make and quite tasty.

Caramel Corn

On the last day of August, my husband found an interesting recipe article via his Flipboard app on his smartphone.  He handed me his phone and wanted me to write down the recipe.  I rolled my eyes.  Instead, I used the share feature of either the Flipboard or Firefox for Android app to e-mail a link to him (and me, since it would be preserved forever in my email sent items).

Since that time, I purchased an air popper to pop popcorn, with the express intention of trying out the aforementioned recipe.  While I’ve popped popcorn several times with the air popper, I have yet to actually make caramel corn.  So I can’t vouch for the veracity of the recipe, nor for its claim to lack of difficulty in execution.

All of this is neither here nor there.  A couple of comments and reminders from my husband this past week, with him nudging me to e-mail this recipe to our daughter because she was interested in trying it, prompted me to go digging through my sent items to locate the lost and forgotten caramel corn recipe article link.  Instead of forwarding the e-mail to my daughter, I thought I’d preserve the link here at my blog where I (and anyone else) can easily search for it in the future.

Click on image to read Caramel Corn recipe article.

Now everyone can find it, not just me and my email out box.