As the Stargate Spirals

The summer spouted science fiction shows but the autumn left me with but one lonely final frontier … Stargate Universe.  Just a few weeks ago I couldn’t keep up with recorded episodes of Doctor Who (via BBC America), Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Haven (all via SyFy).  I gave up on Sanctuary within a half dozen episodes in the first season and managed to make it to the end of the first half of the first season of Caprica and was actually overjoyed to hear of its recent imminent demise.

So my Tuesday nights are my only venture into SF viewing territory.   Each week I join the stranded inhabitants aboard the Destiny via Stargate Universe.

I subscribe to, but don’t necessarily read routinely, the RSS feed for Stargate Universe at Gateworld.  I recently stopped by the forums and read some of the reviews for these season’s episodes, many of which I sympathized with.

I admit to being disappointed with the season opener, Intervention, which wrapped up the cliff hanger in record time and introduced a supernatural subplot that made me cringe.   Aftermath seemed pointless, except to further demonstrate how dangerous Rush has become.   I actually enjoyed Awakening for the same reasons Scott and Grear got excited.  The fate of Telford, unlike Riley, may still come back to haunt us.   I liked half of Pathogen, the half where Eli rushes back to Earth (psuedospiritually, not physically) because his mother has stopped taking her meds and is dying.  Some great acting by David Blue and Ming-Na.  We see more evidence of Rush’s continue fall from grace (and/or sanity).  Cloverdale (actually filmed in the town of the same name)  confused me at first and then just left me angry.

Last week’s episode, Trial and Error, left me wondering if Destiny can discern the difference between Rush and Young and choose wisely.

I really need a distraction from the dwindling mesmerization of Destiny’s stowaways.  Maybe I’ll request BSG from Netflix and try to convince myself I haven’t seen them all before.