All Hallow’s Eve

Balrogs, Dragons and Ravens, oh my!

While visiting my daughter last weekend, (see previous post), we spent part of Saturday visiting the Museum of Flight, and the rest of the day carving pumpkins, something I hadn’t done in decades. The last time I did this as a kid, was in the mid to late 70s when my grandmother spent a couple of weeks with my brother and I in October while my mom and dad were away on a trip. We did the more traditional carving of a face – eyes, nose and a mouth with jagged teeth.

Rachelle adding the finishing touches to her dragon carving Sunday morning.

Skip ahead a decade and a half in the mid 90s after I’d spawned two children of my own, both of whom were vastly more artistic than I ever dreamed of being. My daughter especially has always been good at 3D art. Thus her dragon is center stage in the photo above. My Balrog isn’t too shabby but not nearly as frightening as I’d hoped. Nic’s Raven is his nod to Poe, nevermore!

The kittens are not phased by the Balrog-to-be.

Happy Hallowe’en everyone!

Looking Like Christmas in Kansas City

You can always count on Hallmark and Crown Center to pull out all the stops at Christmas time.  I drive through the heart of Crown Center twice a day during my commute.  The December mornings are especially pretty in the pre-dawn darkness:
Mayor’s Christmas Tree at Crown Center (Dec 2014)

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Shadow Box Racing Memories

Shadow box Christmas giftJust after Epiphany, Terry received a large box from our daughter containing two gifts. The largest one, shown at right, displays all three tickets and several cutouts from the program, memorializing our trip to the United States Grand Prix last November.  Terry displayed it promptly and prominently in our great room.

Great big thanks to Nic and Rachelle for such a thoughtful gift and keepsake.

Oh, and the second gift?  For her BFF, who still hasn’t stopped by to retrieve it.