Stargate Served Cold

How many different ways can you dish up revenge?  Stargate Universe explored several possibilities in last night’s episode ‘Malice‘.

The Lucien Alliance loose canon, Simeon, not only escapes and kills his tag-along guard while free roaming Destiny, he continues his killing spree, taking down two civilians at once and multiple marines, raids the armory, takes a hostage and flees with her to one of the three planets in range of Destiny’s stargate. Rush, oddly enough, is first through the gate before it closes while Colonel Young et al. are still scrambling to catch up.

The IOA back on Earth wants Simeon alive, believing he and only he holds information regarding a Lucian Alliance attack on the home planet.  Those chasing after the resourceful cunning Simeon are not convinced he will impart the information even if captured alive or that the information is reliable.

The rest of the episode consists of a cat and mouse game with Simeon playing the cat to deadly and explosive effect.  Colonel Young didn’t heed the warning of the leader of the Lucian Alliance prisoners on Destiny, not believing that one man could prove so fatally dangerous.  The surprise, to everyone but me perhaps, is who finally outwits Simeon.

Many characters who are normally optimistic, forgiving and peace-loving, reveal their weaknesses during this crises, but forge ahead and prove their mettle.  Small steps with big results.

Next week’s episode trailer left me with a bad feeling.  Do we really need to ‘magically’ meet up with the stranded survivors who chase to leave Destiny last season? And they ‘magically’ bring back a shuttle to Destiny?  Pshaw!

Postscript on the location … eerie and alien … can you say ‘New Mexico’?  Here’s an excerpt from the link in the first paragraph above:

“We went back to New Mexico. To the Bisti Badlands. Not the same desert as we went to in the pilot, but another desert that is incredibly alien-looking. I went to the location for some of the shoot, and it was … I’d never seen anything like it on earth. It was a bizarre formation created by melting glaciers, and it is just … there’s these things called hoodoos, which rise up out of the ground, and there’s mineral deposits all through them. And so it looks truly alien. It looks incredibly remote, ’cause it is. We were in the middle of nowhere. Fifty miles south of a place called Farmington, N.M.”

(Executive producer Brad Wright, in an interview with