Final Jeopardy: Law

From last Thursday on Jeopardy, I was a bit surprised none of the three contestants (none of whom were attorneys)  got the answer right.

The final category was Law and the  clue was: In 1790 the USA’s 1st law governing this protection gave it a term of 14 years; today it can extend well over a century.

The first contestant stated: “What are Patents?” … wrong

The second contestant stated: “What is haebius corpus?” … wrong

The third contestant stated: “What is witness protection?” … wrong

The correct answer was: “What is a copyright?” … which my husband can confirm I got way before the end of the thirty second song.

Kudos to Terry for getting “What is amnesty?” from this clue: This pardon, especially for political offenses against government, is from a Greek word for “forgetting” in the category From the Greek.