Recovering from Our Mad Dash North Yesterday

We cut short or trip to Texas, visiting our kids in Plano and Denton, due to forecast inclement winter weather for today (Sunday).  We crossed into the Flint Hills at 5:15 pm on I-35 northbound yesterday and reached the Matfield Green Service Center a few minutes later.  Just in time for the start of a spectacular prairie sunset:

Flint Hills Sunset
Flint Hills Sunset

To see the other photos I took with the normal and telephoto lenses for the Pentax K100D, please follow this link:  Flint Hills Sunset Saturday Evening 22 Jan 2011

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    1. I should have waited another 10-15 minutes for some spectacular orange and pink underglow photos. But the weather won’t wait and I was close to home. Thanks for liking my post. 🙂

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