FBCS 2011 Upcoming Reads Montage

February is just four days away.

On the first, we start reading Feist‘s the Riftwar Saga series with Magician: Apprentice.

On the fifteenth, we will start reading Erikson‘s Malazan Book of the Fallen series with Gardens of the Moon.

Both of these series will keep us occupied, discussing and debating for the rest of 2011.  Come join in the fun.  Don’t feel pressured to read and/or discuss both series … unless you desire to.

Fantasy Book Club Series’s to-read book montage for 2011

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Can’t resist the lure of an epic saga full of fantastic creatures, scintillating sorcery, heroic…

Books we plan to read

Magician: Apprentice Gardens of the Moon Magician: Master
Deadhouse Gates Silverthorn Memories of Ice
A Darkness at Sethanon House of Chains Daughter of the Empire
Midnight Tides Servant of the Empire The Bonehunters
Mistress of the Empire Reaper's Gale Prince of the Blood
Toll the Hounds The King's Buccaneer Dust of Dreams

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