21st Century Book Burning aka Control of Knowledge by Conglomerates

A dark day … Tuesday, March 8th … Mardi Gras … the day before Lent begins … Ash Wednesday … the ashes of our electronic books on the shelves of our libraries.  Just a few of my grim thoughts after reading this article tweeted by Publishers Weekly this morning:

Librarian’s Launch Boycott in Battle Over eBooks

He died and made HarperCollins the “god” who decided how many times I can checkout a library ebook?  Without my local library, and the interlibrary loan system, I would never have read some classic publications, long out of print.  As a young adult and later as a harried young parent, my local library saved my sanity by providing endless diversions.  Now, decades later, and more secure financially, I happily support my favorite authors by purchasing the expensive first edition hardcovers. I buy books as gifts for friends and family.  Those same authors came to be loved by me through … my local library.

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