SGU: Carpio Fatum

After frustrating myself by trying to locate the first sliver of the waxing moon soon after the sunset, I opted to watch the movie ‘Unstoppable‘ at least until SGU was half-finished recording.  The movie proved such an adrenaline rush that Terry and I barely had time to blink before it finished after ten o’clock.  I hurried off to bed, only to jump back up, remembering that Monday night (April 4th) was the best viewing night for Saturn.  I dragged the telescope from my west-facing master bedroom window where I had earlier attempted to spy the sliver of moon to my east-facing ‘green’ room previous occupied by my daughter.  I spied Saturn, but the double-pane insulated and probably tinted window glass caused distortion and a double-image.  I should have gotten re-dressed and taken the telescope out on the front lawn, but five in the morning comes terribly early on a Tuesday.

I tossed and turned for an hour or two before drifting off.  I hit the snooze at least twice before scrambling through my morning routine.  I started watching ‘Seizure‘ just shy of 5:30 a.m., giving me at least five minutes slack time after finishing the episode to make it to my vanpool rendezvous. Wednesday morning ratings report: Holding steady with SGA crossover.  Follow Monday update:  Transcript for ‘Seizure’ episode.

Seizure (aired 4/4/2011)
Seizure (aired 4/4/2011)

I loved seeing both Robert Picardo (portraying Richard Woolsey) and David Hewlett (as Dr. Rodney McKay).  Telford is fast becoming my new ‘Rush’ … the character I love to hate.

Seizure, as with most SGU episode titles, has many meanings and layers.  Earth seizing the opportunity to thwart the Lucian Alliance and reconnect with Destiny through the Icharus-type planet Langara, who are reluctant to allow Earth to dial the 9th chevron and risk destroying their world.  McKay, typically arrogant and socially inept, affirms his new dialing algorithm eliminates any such risk.  Woolsey cautions the military to stand down with respect to the Langarans, but Telford (and Young) refuse to listen to saner diplomatic heads.

Back on Destiny, Amanda and Rush dally digitally and again I really didn’t need to know that much about the binary byplay between the two lovebirds.  Rush is pathetic rather than annoying this time around.  Amanda takes up lying in her attempt to ‘seize’ Rush for herself (ill-considered and poorly executed, even if her intentions were well-meaning) and Ginn and Eli display courage and integrity in contrast.

A nice well-rounded episode that I’d rate as better than a three but less than a four on a five star scale.  I’ll be re-watching this episode later in the week to more fully appreciate some of the nuances I missed on my first rushed viewing.  Transcript of last week’s ‘Hope’ episode for those interested found here.

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