Happy Birthday Dad!

Derek and My Dad (July 2011)

Today I wish my father “Happy Birthday!” and express my gratitude for all he does for me and my family.  I baked him a fresh loaf of home-made bread this morning and will treat him to dinner sometime this weekend at a restaurant of his choice.  I will take a stroll down memory lane when I revisit this post in a couple of days, once I’ve had a chance to recover from a medical procedure I underwent yesterday.  But I at least wanted to post a quick blurb for my eighteenth day of ‘Thirty Days of Thankfulness‘ and shout out to my dad:

Happy Birthday!

Multidimensional, Real and/or Virtual, Art

Mother's Day Gift from Rachelle (circa 2007)

Another place holder for my seventeenth day of ‘Thirty Days of Thankfulness‘ … I know, a day late, but I have a really, really good excuse.  I had outpatient surgery yesterday that wiped me out for the entire day.  The first time I’ve spent fifteen straight hours in bed in ages.

Anyway, sometime in the next couple of days I’ll circle back to this posting and explain why I’m thankful for art and all the artists in my life, both in the family and among friends.

Rachelle (self portrait circa 2007)