To Occupy Christmas or Not?

Hallmark Lobby Christmas Tree (with the Mayor's Christmas Tree in the background)

I drive a vanpool from Lansing to downtown, midtown and the Plaza areas of Kansas City, Missouri every weekday.  My final stop, before heading to my own work place, is Crown Center, the ‘home’ of Hallmark Cards.  As you can see from the slightly blurry cellphone photo I took this morning, the decorations at the world headquarters for Hallmark simply exude the Spirit of Christmas.  I need this extra immersion for Christmas cheer to confront the gauntlet of bland and vaguely wintery decorations my building lobby sports.  I left the house without my red and green ball Christmas tree ornaments, so I can’t ‘occupy’ the decorations today.   And I have my uncle to thank for that ‘Occupy Christmas’ idea, thanks to a comment he posted to my post yesterday about the prevalence of unholiday decorations littering the lobby.

For the entire drive in this morning, I kept thinking of picket sign slogans I could hand paint for such an occupation, such as:  “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” or “Put Christ Back in Christmas” or “The Cross (X) Marks the Spot” and so on.  Rather than being the 99% we could be (and are) 100% loved by Him.  I know I’ll be saying “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” for the next thirty or so days (until Epiphany anyways).

I’m also curious about the decorations in the lobby of your workplace buildings.  Snap a photo with your cell phone and comment with the link to participate in this unofficial and informal survey of corporate expressions of Christmas (or unHoliday) cheer.