Friday the Thirteenth Eve

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Sunset Thur 12 Jan 2012 (KCI)

I said goodbye to my daughter early Thursday morning because by the time I returned home from work, she would be waiting to board her plane at KCI.  She did send me a couple of photos of the sunset.  She brought the warm Texas winter temperatures with her in late December, and now as she flies south for the rest of the winter, she seems to be taking those milder temperatures with her, at least for one day.  When I got in the van this morning, the thermometer registered barely ten degrees.

I came home to an empty house.  Roxy couldn’t be bothered to stir from the hideaway bed and Apollo wouldn’t budge for Roxy’s dog bed on the floor.  My dad called me about the sunset, as he and Terry were returning from KCI through Platte City and Leavenworth.  While I was on the phone with him, my daughter sent me the above photo text message.  No sooner than I hung up with dad, than Rachelle called to ask if I’d received her photos.  So, I got to speak with her one last time before she boarded the plane.  I asked her to call me as soon as she landed at Love Field in Dallas.

Terry made it home safely (this was the first time he’d driven himself since before his surgery in late December).  Roxy perked up as did Apollo but neither Terry nor I could be bothered with cooking dinner.  We opted for a quick supper at Pizza Hut, which was deserted.  Terry ordered honey barbecue boneless wings and I ordered a thin crust Hawaiian personal pan sized pizza (of which I only ate two slices).  We were back home by 6:45, ten minutes before Rachelle’s flight was scheduled to take off.

While I did my Wii Fit fitness routine, Terry returned a call to a friend who had left him a voice-mail message while he was driving back from the airport.  Terry retired to the band room while I beat his score on Advanced Step and improved my Island Cycling and tried Rhythm Boxing for the first time.

We sat down to watch the latest Bones episode and got about halfway through it when Rachelle called me.  It was only 8:10 p.m. (her flight was scheduled to land at 8:35).  Obviously, the north wind helped send her back to Texas.  Terry and I finished watching Bones and then the Rotts and I retired for the night.  They both wanted to be near me because they already missed Rachelle, just like Terry and I do.

May is so far away.  That’s the next time I’ll see her, when she performs her senior recital and graduates from the University of North Texas.