Movie Review: The Adventures of TinTin (2011)

The Adventures of TinTin (2011)

2.5/3 stars out of 5

I could definitely see the hand of Spielberg in the production and direction of this film.  I did not realize, however, that the story was based upon a comic strip.  John Williams composed the score, even though I could almost hear themes from many of his other more famous film scores, echoing and ricocheting throughout the film.

While I enjoyed watching the film, I just wasn’t wowed by it.  In fact, both Terry and I fell asleep the first time we attempted it.  We tried again on the following day, and I made it to the finish, but Terry nodded off a couple of times again.  All the action and adventure probably would have had more impact in a non-animated production for me.  If you’re going to use guns and other lethal weapons, I guess I prefer live-action (or CGI-enhanced live-action) to the purely animated medium.

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