Remembering Roxy: First Trip to the Dog Park

Roxy by backyard fence (May 2006)
Roxy by backyard fence (May 2006)

Another Friday arrives, and another installment in my ‘Remembering Roxy’ blog post series.  Last week I reminisced about one of Roxy‘s nicknames – Bear-Pig, which followed the inaugural post on Roxy’s talent for Circling the Wagons.  This week I decided to focus on Roxy’s first trip to a dog park.  If I remember correctly, this trip occurred before we rescued Apollo.

A friend of ours had suggested taking Roxy to the off-leash dog park at Shawnee Mission Park.  This never occurred to us, being residents of Leavenworth County, more than twenty miles north of the park.  We made a family outing out of it.  Even though the park allowed dogs to roam leash-free, we kept Roxy leashed until we were certain she would behave around other dogs.  She roamed free and played with many other mostly smaller dogs for a few minutes.  Then we put her back on the leash and headed to the beach.

Roxy, and all of our previous Rottweilers, did not care for water or being wet.  Yet Terry thought it would be a good idea to take her down to the beach, where we saw retrievers and labs and Newfoundlands cavorting in the water just off shore.  The shoreline included several large, flat sandstone boulders.  Terry led Roxy up onto one of them, hoping to entice her into a quick dip with the other dogs.   Another dog snuck up behind Roxy, eagerly sniffing her nub of a tail, and accidentally (or intentionally depending on your perspective) goosed her.  Roxy leaped forward landing four-square in the shallow water, almost taking Terry with her for a tumble.  Terry managed to salvage his balance while Roxy just stood there, standing completely still, looking aggrieved and resigned to the fact that she was, indeed, now soaking wet.

We took Roxy back to the field above the lake and let her roam free for a few minutes, mostly in an effort to dry her coat.  As the sun began to set, we returned to our car and made the drive home to Lansing, convinced we would return in the near future for more fun in the sun with an unfettered Roxy.

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