Venus Tops the Charts, Jupiter Slips Back

I only caught Venus and Jupiter twice this week with my camera.  Between a day trip to Chicago and occasional sporadic thunderstorms, I only caught them Monday and Thursday nights.

The best shot from Monday night included this closeup of the Moon and Venus:

And the best one from Thursday evening:

IMGP2490(Click here for the rest of the album)

The only other remotely astronomical activity I did this week involved a short trip across the Missouri River to Parkville.  My dad and I drove over to window shop at the HMS Beagle store.  Due to a wrenched back, I had to cut our visit short, but I did purchase a nearly waterproof “Guide to the Stars” star-wheel for Terry to use when he visits the hot tub after midnight.  I also picked up a laminated map of the moon, which I left with dad, along with my scope, at his house.

To see what’s up this week, visit Sky & Telescope’sThis Week at a Glance” and for information on observing the five visible planets next month, take a gander at this site.

3 thoughts on “Venus Tops the Charts, Jupiter Slips Back”

  1. Have you tried looking for Venus during the day? When the moon is near Venus, one can use it to find Venus. I tried it a few times and was successful. I found Venus was hard to find even when I knew where to look, but once I found it, it was bright enough to spot again easily.

    1. I have tried, but not recently, and I wasn’t successful. Last week, I tried to see Jupiter, once I could see Venus, but only saw it later in the photographs I took.

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