My Walking Week

I did very well the first week of May, managing to meet my goal of 7,000 steps six out of seven days:

I took Sunday off from fitness because Terry and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary two days early.

Monday, Apollo and I took our longest walk of the week, an hour long meander around the neighborhood at dusk.  We saw a few flowers and a strange small dog with a pink mohawk who got very excited when Apollo walked by the front yard on the sidewalk.  Pedometer: 10,790 steps

Killer pink pooch
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Tuesday, Apollo and I took a brisk forty-five minute walk around the area.  Pedometer: 7,941 steps

Wenesday, I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to walk Apollo in the evening because Terry and I were meeting a couple for dinner and a concert after work.  So I took half my lunch hour and walked around the park behind the American Century towers on the Plaza.  Pedometer:  7,640 steps

Thursday morning, I took Apollo on a short pre-dawn walk for thirty minutes.  My vanpool is leaving later now (at a quarter to seven), so getting up at my normal alarm time of five o’clock leaves me quite a bit of time to get some exercising in before getting ready for work.  And, it allowed me to mow part of the lawn in the evening.  Pedometer:  8,313 steps

Friday evening, Apollo and I walked for thirty minutes or so, and saw a pretty nice sunset and the almost full ‘super’ moon. Pedometer: 8,810 steps

Saturday overflowed with activities.  I mowed most of the rest of the yard (push mowing for an hour).  I cleaned house (more steps vacuuming and toting things up and down three flights of stairs).  I ran errands (shopping).  Apollo had a play date with a potential adoptee at the dog park (date didn’t go well, but I got more steps in).  And I still took him for a walk that evening, for about a half an hour.  Pedometer:  11,309 steps

The second week of ‘in training’ for my walking regimen to prepare for the KC Heart Walk seems to be a success.  I’ve increased my activity.  This week will be a challenge, though, to get enough walking done.  We’ll see how well I do and how dedicated I remain to my goal (and to increasing that goal) of seven thousand steps each day.  Especially since I didn’t get to walk at all on Sunday thanks to spring thunderstorms.  And to show you I wasn’t the only lazy one in the house, here’s a photo of Apollo eating his supper … laying down.

Lazy dog