Remembering Roxy: Did a Horse Just Gallop by?

Roxy in Training (May 2005)
Roxy in Training (May 2005)

Roxy might have been related to a camel.  As far as we could tell, she only drank water from her two gallon dish once or twice a day.  When she decided to quench her thirst, she could easily drain half or more of the water from said dish.  And if we happened to be watching a television show or movie, we had to pause it because we could not hear anything over Roxy’s obnoxious slurping. It reminded Terry and I of Monty Python & the Holy Grail; specifically, the knights use of coconuts to simulate the sound of a trotting or galloping horse.

Terry remarked that he could hear her drinking half a house away, beyond a closed door and down the stairs in the band room.  Rachelle remembered being able to hear her slurping while standing outside the house with the door closed.  I just remember worrying that she would cause her stomach to torsion.  We lost one of our previous Rottweilers in the prime of his life to that malady.

I don’t fill up the water dish nearly as often now.  Apollo, stealth dog that he is, sips water silently from the oversized (for just him) water dish.  He might be quieter than Roxy was, but he drips more water on us (deliberately or so I believe).

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    1. Actually, he doesn’t drool nearly as much as Roxy did (especially when she was begging during our dinners). He just drips water all over the place after he drinks from his water dish.

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