Remembering Roxy: Who Hated Water, But Loved Showers?

Roxy Playing in the Snow (Dec 2005)
Roxy Playing in the Snow (Dec 2005)

On this first day of June, an unofficial summer Friday start to a fantastic weekend, I went looking for an appropriate photo of Roxy to share with you.  This one jumped out at me as a reminder of much colder days and Roxy’s resistance to all things watery.  Although she did like to chomp snow, as you can see clearly above.  But enough of that white cold soft solid stuff and on to more liquid indulgences.

For this week’s installment of my “Remembering Roxy” blog series, I wanted to expound upon Roxy’s love-hate relationship with water.   Last week I mentioned her ability to out drink a camel, and prior to that I related her first trip to a dog park and her unintentional dunking in a lake.   Roxy also had an aversion to baths, but she stood resolutely still in the tub while I quickly cleaned her.

But the weirdest thing Roxy insisted upon doing was interrupting family members while showering.  It happened to Terry, as well as Rachelle.  Terry remembers Roxy whining outside the shower door, until he opened the door and let her in.  It took her a minute to realize the shower wasn’t exactly the experience she had thought it was, probably because she immediately got soaked.  However, that didn’t deter her from interrupting someone else’s shower on a different day in the future.

I guess being a ditzy Rottweiler had its drawbacks, especially if your goal was staying dry.