Nothin’ But Haze

And not much of it even purple.

Hazy Eastern Horizon

I could easily see Venus, Jupiter and Aldebaran throughout the twenty minutes I vanely searched for the rising moon.

Venus and Jupiter

But I finally gave up looking for the last vestige of the waning moon with ten minutes left before sunrise.

Ten Mins Before Sunrise

And just before I took the camera off the tripod, I turned it north to capture some pink and purple tinged clouds.

Pink and Purple Clouds

But alas, I spied no moon amid the sea of haze washing up along the eastern horizon. Not surprising since the Kansas City area is under a heat advisory until Saturday evening (four days from now).

When I checked the star chart for the eastern horizon at moonrise later, I realized the moon wouldn’t even reach the five degree mark above the horizon before the sun rose.  From the photos I took yesterday morning, I could discern the haze exceeded that height easily, which made an even thinner, dimmer crescent moon that much more difficult to find.  I may have set myself an impossible task considering the amount of humidity in the atmosphere during  the summer months in Kansas.

Perhaps I’ll have better luck next month capturing the elusive barest glimmer of the waning crescent moon.

Mostly hazy sunrise

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