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M3 (or my blog cubed) menu update: I decided to include a couple of cool links on my Astronomy menu.

I added the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), which I follow via NASA‘s RSS feed, as well as the Astronomy Sketch of the Day (ASOD) (also available via RSS).  I especially liked today’s offering:

Great Andromeda Galaxy by Kim Byong Su (via ASOD)
Great Andromeda Galaxy by Kim Byong Su (via ASOD)

I started following ASOD a couple of weeks ago to inspire my own nascent sketching abilities.  Many of the observing awards I want to complete require that astronomical sketches be submitted as part of the log entries to support the required observations.

To help expand my artistic horizons, I ordered a highly recommend book, aptly titled Astronomical Sketching: A Step-By-Step Introduction from BookDepository.com (free shipping worldwide). I received two books in the mail yesterday, one of which was the sketching book shown at right.  I skimmed through a couple of the chapters over breakfast this morning.  I will need to assemble a supply list before I take a lunch hour trip to the closest art supply store (just north of me on Main Street in Kansas City, Missouri).  And per advice from my artist son, I should just start sketching daily to hone my observation skills and to get familiar with the media (pencils, papers, erasers, smudgers, etc.).  I would like to start sketching double stars initially, but will have to experiment and practice quite a lot before I will feel confident in sharing any of my sketches here at my blog.

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