Movie Review: 36 Hours (1965)

36 Hours (1965)

4 out of 5 stars

I liked this film quite a bit.  Starring such well known actors as “James Garner, Eva Marie Saint, and Rod Taylor. … On 2 June 1944, a German army doctor tries to obtain vital information from an American military intelligence officer by convincing him that it is 1950 and World War II is long over.”  (Wikipedia contributors. “36 Hours.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 23 Jul. 2012. Web. 25 Aug. 2012.)

Terry joined me for the last half of the film and it kept his interest, which is saying quite a bit for the black-and-white format.  I actually liked the quality of the cinematography, as I’m paying particular attention to gray scale presently as I start learning to sketch with pencil.

In reading through the Background list in the Wikipedia article, I see that science fiction television took this plot and ran with it (ST:TOS, ST:TNG, Mission: Impossible, Buzz Lightyear, etc.).  By the end of the movie, I wondered if James Garner’s characer would ever trust a clock or a calendar again.

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