Book Review: Bridge of Birds by Hughart (4 stars)

BridgeofBirdsByHughartBridge of Birds: A Novel of Ancient China that Never Was by Barry Hughart

4 out of 5 stars

Read in January 2010

An Asian adventure packed with action, mystery, myths, ingenuity, humor and hope. Master Li, regardless of his undefined character flaw, discerns perils, puzzles and peoples clearly while his young client, Number Ten Ox, battles monsters, braves ghosts, topples buildings, walks on lava, loves unconditionally and all to save his village’s children from a mysterious malady.

Hughart kept me riveted with each new chapter, each new adventure, each twist in the labyrinth. While some character dialogue seemed too modern for a tale of Ancient China (that ‘never was’), the relentless pace of events kept me turning pages faster and faster. The author spawned vivid visuals in my imagination, making me yearn for a movie rendition similar to “House of Flying Daggers” or “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

I highly recommend Bridge of Birds to all lovers of fairy tales, legends and high adventure.

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