Lexy One Year Later

Summer RottsYesterday, Terry and I celebrated the first anniversary of our adoption of Lexy.  She got a special dinner and an ice cream treat.

I also took her on a short walk down Fawn Valley just as the sun was setting.  She did very well and has improved immensely over the last twelve months in her obedience training and leash etiquette.

Lexy is calmer, more playful and very loving towards Terry and I.  Apollo tolerates her and attempts to play tug-of-war with her occasionally, but she’d rather snag a toy and whip it around like a rag doll by herself while running full tilt around the great room.

Summer RottsWhile Terry was in the hospital last week, I had a Dickens of a time getting Lexy to go outside.  I resorted to a dirty trick, knowing that you can get a Rottweiler to do just about anything if you cater to their stomach.  I started feeding her and Apollo outside.  That way, I lured her out there with her food dish and could leave both of them outside for thirty minutes while I got myself ready for work in the morning or to transition to the hospital in the evenings.  I’d always find her standing impatiently at the back patio door, waiting for me to let her back inside.

Summer Rotts
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Here’s to another great year with Lexy!