Broadband Data Cap Outrageous Surcharges

Data caps completely change the way that people use the Internet. You could send countless emails on 25 GB of data, but any sort of streaming or video gobbles it up.

I may not live in rural Alaska but I can see the writing on the wall with Time Warner and Comcast.

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One thought on “Broadband Data Cap Outrageous Surcharges”

  1. Comments from my uncle (who often suffers from technology gremlins):

    When you think about it, charging for heavy usage may be fair, if we get a break on lighter usage. But wait, we do! After all, like the power and gas grids, it’s the peak usage which drives their costs.

    Sure, we’ve all grown to expect unlimited data usage, but why? Because we’ve gotten it. It cost somebody to provide it. Now that we’re addicted to the unlimited usage, the suppliers are going to start raising the price, if they can. That’s why the Comcast-Times-Warner merger is worrisome. Fewer suppliers equals less competetion.

    The entrepreneurs, of course, will be creative. For example, I can see a multitiered usage plans. Or maybe one which excludes pop-up ads for a higher cost.

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