Book Review: ABC Murders by Christie (3 Stars)

The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie

3 out of 5 stars

Read in December 2008

Not as engaging as And Then There Were None , but still an entertaining exercise in murder mystery theatre. I confess I did not discover the true murderer until Hercule Peroit telegraphed it to me in the final chapters. However, I did suspect that the obvious in-your-face suspect was just that – too obvious. For the longest time, I was convinced Inspector Crome was the mastermind behind the serial murders, but thankfully, I was wrong on that count.

GR Status Updates:

12/27/2008 page 5 2.12% “In the middle of chapter 1 “The Letter””
12/28/2008 page 26 11.02% “In the middle of chapter 6 “The Scene of the Crime””
12/28/2008 page 67 28.39% “Starting chapter 14”
12/28/2008 page 97 41.1% “Starting chapter 19” 3 comments
12/28/2008 page 180 76.27% “Finished”

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