Book Review: Frankenstein by Shelley (3.5 Stars)

Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

3.5 out of 5 stars

Read in November 2008

I don’t know what I was expecting to find but it definitely was different than all my preconceptions. I had some trouble, at times, staying tuned into the story. Mary Shelley’s prose was first person, but often second or third hand (one person telling another person’s story who was then telling yet another story). At times, I had to stop and remember what “I” was actually telling the story at that particular time. Nevertheless, it did make for compelling reading at times.

I did not relate to any of the characters probably because none of them had any redeeming qualities. Victor Frankenstein was arrogant and thought he could play God by “creating” a creature from bits and pieces of the dead and revived via lightning. The creature had every opportunity to learn right and wrong and appeared to have done so, but let revenge and self-pity rule his actions. The havoc these two cause to those around them is shocking and inexcusable.

I read the Project Gutenberg ebook version of this novel obtained via this URL:

GR Status Updates:

10/09/2008 page 41 12.2% “In the midst of the third chapter.”
10/10/2008 page 59 17.56% “In the midst of Chapter 4.”
10/11/2008 page 78 23.21% “Starting Chapter 5.”
10/12/2008 page 82 24.4% “Midway through Chapter 6”
10/15/2008 page 86 25.6% “Starting chapter 7.”
10/16/2008 page 90 26.79% “In the midst of chapter 7.”
10/17/2008 page 93 27.68% “Midst of chapter 8.”
10/20/2008 page 117 34.82% “In the midst of chapter 9.”
10/22/2008 page 146 43.45% “In the midst of chapter 11.”
10/23/2008 page 176 52.38% “Starting chapter 15.”
10/28/2008 page 205 61.01% “In the midst of chapter 16.”
11/04/2008 page 221 65.77% “In the midst of chapter 18.”
11/10/2008 page 234 69.64% “Starting Chapter 20.”
11/25/2008 page 352 100% “Finally finished this ebook.”