Book Review: The Age of Innocence by Wharton (3 Stars)

The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton

3 out of 5 stars

Read in October 2008

At times, I wanted to strangle Newland Archer for being so naive, so blind to what was happening around him. Especially from his sweet subservient fiancé. I really connected with Ellen and longed for her to have more scenes, rather than just hearing the rumors about her from various members of the families involved.

I admire all the characters stoic resolve to play the cards dealt them and make the best of their lives. In today’s society with disposal marriages and relationships, it was refreshing.

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GR Status Updates:

10/01/2008 page 84 27.54% “I’m not exactly sure what page I’m on as I’m reading an ebook. I am somewhere in Chapter 10 of Book 1 though.”
10/02/2008 page 100 32.79% “Starting Chapter XII (twelve).”
10/03/2008 page 105 34.43% “Starting Chapter XIII (13).”
10/03/2008 page 130 42.62% “Midway through Chapter XV (fifteen) where Ellen and Archer are alone in a small cottage out in the country.”
10/04/2008 page 141 46.23% “Starting Chapter XVII (seventeen)”
10/06/2008 page 164 53.77% “Starting Book II Chapter XIX”
10/07/2008 page 168 55.08% “Starting Chapter XX (twenty).”
10/07/2008 page 172 56.39% “Starting chapter XXI (twenty-one).”
10/08/2008 page 180 59.02% “Starting chapter XXIII (twenty-three)”
10/09/2008 page 203 66.56% “Starting Chapter XXX (thirty).”
10/09/2008 page 302 99.02% “Starting Chapter XXXIII (thirty-three).”