Book Review: City of Bones by Wells (3.5 Stars)

City of Bones by Martha Wells

3.5 out of 5 stars

Read in November 2011


In a place where an ancient holocaust devastated civilization and caused most of the world’s water to evaporate, a new civilization has arisen–where sand ships cross the deserts between city-states, where bones are used to work magic of all kinds. Charisat is the greatest of city-states, the Imperial seat where your status is determined by how high up the tiers of the city you live. Khat is a trader and sometime thief, one of a race genetically altered to survive in these new conditions. Elen is a scholar and a lady who is investigating the ancient ruins, looking for the secrets of their magic. Together they must solve a mystery involving a fanatical cult whose members are trying to unleash an evil that will topple Charisat–and from there, destroy the world again

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed Martha Wells writing, especially the action scenes, but the ending left me in the lurch. While I cared about the main characters, I didn’t care for the configuration and alignments that fell out in the end.

GR Status Updates:

11/20/2011 page 1 0.0%
11/22/2011 page 48 10.0% “Starting Chapter Three”
11/22/2011 page 105 22.0% “Starting Chapter Six” 2 comments
11/25/2011 page 184 38.0% “Starting Chapter Nine”
11/28/2011 page 238 49.0% “Starting Chapter Twelve”
11/30/2011 page 307 63.0% “Starting Chapter Fifteen”
11/30/2011 page 326 67.0% “‘The luck was nice, but it left him uneasy, knowing the more he had of it now, the more likely it was to fail spectacularly at some later point.’ –Khat”
11/30/2011 page 377 77.0% “Starting Chapter Eighteen”
11/30/2011 page 420 86.0% “Starting Chapter Twenty-one”
11/30/2011 page 488 100.0%

2 thoughts on “Book Review: City of Bones by Wells (3.5 Stars)”

  1. More where the characters ended up. Their motivations became skewed at the end (if I’m remembering correctly … been over two years since I read the book). I loved the action and the worldbuilding was good. Something just didn’t sit well with my with the characters by the end.

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