When Is It Okay (If Ever) To Fail the Bechdel Test?


More observations on failing the Bechdel Test.

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4 thoughts on “When Is It Okay (If Ever) To Fail the Bechdel Test?”

  1. I think the essential question is whether you can appreciate good literature/movies even if they fail the Bechdel Test. For instance, the LOTR books have no significant female characters. Does that mean they fail as great literature? And should we consider the context and period in which they were written? Inquiring minds want to know… 🙂

    1. Yes I can appreciate movies and novels that fail the Test. And I often do take into consideration the times in which they are published. It just saddens me that I must resort to these types of excuses for some of my favorite things. And what does this say about me? That I’ve been conditioned or brainwashed into believing that this is normal or the status quo.

  2. Historically, real men and real women spent a great deal of time in single-sex groupings. A lot of life (and drama) happened in those settings. Similarly, a lot of life happens to people alone and couples alone. Many environments which are mixed today where separate just fifty years ago.
    To portray those situations otherwise introduces the very artificiality we’re trying to avoid.

    1. Yes that is true and I agree that historical fiction or history should be portrayed accurately. But I expect more from speculative fiction.

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