Hugo Awards Voting Adventure Wrap-Up

My weekend got away from me and I didn’t make my final post of how I voted for the remainder of the 2014 Hugo Award categories I hadn’t previously discussed.  I did carve out two hours on Sunday afternoon to watch the live streaming of the Hugo Awards ceremony (which streaming went off with hardly a hitch, especially as compared to the Retro Hugo Awards ceremony from last Thursday night).

First, I’ll share the Tweets I retreated from @LonCom3 Twitter feed during the ceremony:

The following are the retreated Tweets for the categories that matched up with my votes (except for two which I’ll explain later):

The following two awards do not match my votes, but rather my second rank vote for each category:

In the above category (Best Related Work), I voted first for the non-fiction book Wonderbook.

I voted for Brad Tergerson’s novelette, but again, my second rank vote went to Kowal’s Lady Astronaut entry.

Final Thoughts

I had a blast voting in the Hugos this year. It was a lot of hard work, a lot of reading, but I love to read, so not that onerous of a task.

Will I attempt this again next year? Absolutely!

For a complete list, including the Final Ballot Details, follow this link to the 2014 Hugo Award Winners post.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the Hugo reading. I hope to see you again next year. Indeed, I’m thinking the nomination time might be even more important to me than the reading-the-finalists time, because I will be looking for good things to nominate.

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