The Return of the Rest of the Offspring

Yesterday, while Rachelle and I braved shopping at Costco, Lowe’s and Target, my son, daughter-in-law and grandson drove safely but surprisingly quickly up I-35 from North Texas to Northeastern Kansas. They made only one stop, for gasoline at the southernmost KTA (Kansas Turnpike Authority) rest area. This is an amazing fete considering my grandson isn’t yet eighteen months old (that happens on the 9th day of Christmas next year).

Parents sleepy but Grandson wide awake last night

The consequence, however, of a baby who sleeps for about nine hours on a family road trip is predictable (see photo above). By early evening, Derek and Royna were dozing on our new sectional while Senna wanted to explore all the strange new environment of our home. Interestingly, he’s not overly interested in the Christmas tree or the presents tucked underneath. Rather, he found one of the Costco boxes to be endlessly entertaining as well as an impromptu piano lesson from Rachelle which introduced him to a new noise maker he could easily reach.

Poor Lexy stayed upstairs until nearly nine o’clock when we finally coaxed her down the stairs (a struggle for her these days with her arthritis and other hip ailments). She made her daily trip outside and we convinced her to wondering down the hill to the other patio door where she’ll have to be contented for the next few days until Senna and her get to know each other better.

I also dozed off but kept myself awake with a timer on my smartwatch. While Rachelle left to visit friends, I agreed to babysit her extra tangy sourdough bread. Sourdough takes time, long rise times and very little kneading or shaping, so I let it rise as long as I could. It could have probably gone another hour or two but I didn’t know when Rachelle would be home and couldn’t entrust the care and feeding of the sourdough baby to anyone else. Rachelle ate a slice when she got home and confirmed I didn’t ruin it. Tomorrow I will do better. It’s been years since I had active sourdough starter in my house. I will improve!

Today, I’m letting everyone sleep in. I found a Scottish shortbread recipe I’d like to try with ingredients that are safe for Rachelle (remember, corn allergy and corn is in EVERYTHING and unfortunately, not required to be listed as an ingredient). We will probably make pizza later today (again, with corn-free ingredients) and play board games.

May your time with family be merry and bright. Make wonderful memories together!

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    1. D&R had to drive a rental. The Tessla was damaged in the parking lot of Derek’s employer. He wasn’t in the car when it happened. The parts have to be manufactured so they’ve been without the Tessla for weeks!

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