Throwback Thursday Family Film Print Photos

My new desk arrived this morning, earlier than I expected. I returned to the spare bedroom yesterday evening to continue my decluttering and organizing. I spent way too much time on a box full of old print photos all over twenty five years old.

None of the photos I found were taken before we moved back north from the Wichita area to the Kansas City area. Once we relocated, I switched from taking photos to taking video in VHS-C format, at least for the next ten or fifteen years, until both our kids were in college. So all the sports, concerts and family vacations are locked up on video tape that I haven’t converted to a more current digital media format.

I selected a dozen photos from the dozens I sifted through and snapped quick digital versions of them using my smartphone. I can scan these with our multifunction printer device once I get my new office setup this weekend. But for the purposes of this post, I felt this method would suffice.

Terry (on the right) and me (taken at a wedding where he was a groomsman in August 1985)
Click the photo to see the other eleven photos in this throwback photo album.

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Family Film Print Photos”

  1. Cool.
    Yes, that is Eric in the photo of the Andrea cousins. Since we were in Saudi Arabia from mid-1983 to mid-1985, I’d guess that’s a 1985 picture.
    Don’t remember Terry ever not having facial hair.
    Where the last picture was taken? The house on the Potter Road in Easton, KS?

    1. Yes, the last photo is taken in the house Mom still lives in out on Potter Road just west of Easton.
      I’ll update the caption for the photo of all the cousins. What time of year in 1985 did you return? Because after May of 1985 (when Terry’s mom passed away), I didn’t return home until the following year after Derek was born.
      Terry has not had facial hair at least three times in the last three dozen years. The first time he was clean shaven (about the same time as this photo), he woke me up in the middle of the night and I screamed because I didn’t recognize him in my sleep fog haze.

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