Day 18,995

I did not get a good night’s sleep overnight.  According to my fitness tracker, I slept about four hours (between 10 pm and 2 am), a quarter of that being light sleep.  Then I woke up and stayed awake for an hour, eventually falling back asleep shortly before 3 am and hitting snooze on my 5:30 a.m. alarm once.Preview post

First thing I did after stumbling downstairs was login to download two new releases I’d pre-ordered as ebooks:  Crosstalk by Connie Willis and The Wall of Storms by Ken Liu.  By then it was already five minutes to six o’clock.  It takes ten minutes to make tea and about the same time to dress so I started boiling the water in the microwave (four minutes) and went to gather my work clothes.  I put two teaspoons of Irish Blend loose leaf  tea in my reusable steeper, dunked it in the almost boiling water and set a timer for five minutes.  I dressed and packed my lunch and my electronics.

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