The Jane Eyre Challenge (GoodReads)

Jane Eyre Challenge - read the book & watch the movie Yesterday’s post on the life and times of Fanny Price segued to next month’s group read for ‘A Taste of Victorian Literature‘ – Jane Eyre.  Imagine my surprise when I returned to the GoodReads web site last night to peruse my friends’ reviews and discussion postings to find a new challenge and contest starting with a chance to win a Kindle and and a copy of the novel signed by Director Cary Fukunaga of the new movie version of the classic tale. Click on the icon at the left to enter the challenge and review the official rules.  Good luck!

Step 1:
RSVP to see Jane Eyre the movie playing in select theaters March 11th.
Step 2:
Add Jane Eyre to your shelf
Step 3:
Take the Jane Eyre Quiz
Step 4:
Choose your favorite Jane Eyre quote
Step 5:
Complete the challenge