The Fallacy of Corporate Leadership

Great post (again) by Modesitt and here’s my favorite quote/excerpt:

Study after study has shown that stress levels actually are lower in upper management and higher in those who work for them and that the highest stress levels are created at lower levels of management when the expectations of upper management conflict with the lack of adequate resources for achieving those expectations and when the compensation differential between those tasked with a job and those supervising them is highest.

Source: The Fallacy of Corporate Leadership

Article: Management?


Meantime, the top one tenth of one percent, such as hedge fund managers, and the DeVos and Koch families, are doing just fine, and all too many of them are trying to find ways to lower their taxes and keep down labor costs, regardless of the devastating impact on most working Americans.

—L. E. Modesitt, Jr.:  February 7th, 2014

As if I needed another reason to detest the Koch brothers.  I and my husband actively boycott any products produced by a company owned by the Koch brothers.  It can make shopping an interesting and sometimes more expensive experience.