Diary of a Crazy Cubemate

Day Two (Today, Wed 23 Mar 2011):  My ‘maddened’ cube-mate of nearly fifteen years continues her distracting tantrums.

Day One (Yesterday, Tue 22 Mar 2011): I returned from a sick day off Monday to a different cube-mate than I said farewell to last Friday.  By lunch time, I was asking the Department Administrative Assistant to find me a conference room for the rest of the afternoon so I could work in piece and not be embarrassed to answer my phone (for fear of a Turrets-like outburst coming loudly from the next cube).

Outbursts heard over the cube wall on Wednesday ‘Day Two’:

This program is going to give me a nervous breakdown.

Who uses FoxPro as a back-end database anymore?

Crap! Dammit! (followed by multiple heavy sighs)

Mid-day Update:  I was on a long conference call for about an hour or ninety minutes this morning.  The cube next to me became eerily silent.  I just got up from my desk and realized her body and laptop were missing … hence the blessed quietness.  Sadly, as I’m typing this update, she has returned so my blissful silence will soon shatter.  Thankfully, lunch beckons me to abandon my desk in a few minutes.

Mid-afternoon Update: Cube hallway conference between our boss and my cube-mate.  Not disruptive, but distracting and hard to ignore and concentrate.  Actually, the light at the end of the tunnel may be in sight, as I just heard her say she may have this project finished by the end of the day today.  Hallelujah!

Mid to Late Afternoon Update:  She’s quiet, but now she’s running her space heater (and probably wearing a throw blanket to boot).

As I was leaving, she elatedly reported completion of her frustrating project, so tomorrow should be smooth sailing (or at least less stormy than the past two days).