TV Series Episode Review: Defiance Pilot (2.5 stars)

DefiancePilotPromoDefiance Pilot

First aired April 15, 2013 via the Syfy channel

2.o-2.5 out of 5 stars

Ninety minutes of my life I’ll never get back.  I don’t need another police procedural to watch, even dressed up with some passable CG.  Nor do I need overly complicated political intrigue among not just humans, but let’s throw in a few aliens and mutants.  Give me some good old action adventure or military SF, and less of the contrived relationship drama.

I didn’t find out until after watching the pilot episode, and wandering why the heck the writers and director didn’t better convey the backstory, that an ebook was released last week to help viewers ‘catch up.’  The “Essential Guide” is available free in iTunes and Amazon, but not Barnes & Noble or other retailers (yet).  Makes it somewhat difficult for me to acquire, since I’m boycotting both of the big A’s these days.

I may give this series a couple more episodes before pulling the plug.  Syfy has a high bar to surpass, since they keep cancelling prematurely their original series (case in point: Stargate: Universe, Caprica and Alphas).